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Course Guides for Faculty: Home

Information for faculty on requesting the creation of guides for their courses.

Request a Guide

Would you like a guide with content geared specifically to your students' research needs? Contact us and we can work with you to tailor a guide to meet your specifications!

Why create a guide?


  • Students can have a single departure point for their project
  • You can include project instructions and guide them to the appropriate resources including books, embedded videos, and other files
  • Librarians can include tutorials for using research tools

Current Course and Subject Guides

Faculty Liaisons

Faculty liaisons are available to work with you to create guides.
Engineering Greg Murphy
(718) 409-7230

Global Business &

Transportation (GBAT)

Katie Bram
(718) 409-7231
Graduate Studies Greg Murphy
(718) 409-7230
Humanities Rebecca Hyams
(718) 409-7232
LEAD 101 Mona Ramonetti
(718) 409-7237
Marine Transportation Gregory Murphy
(718) 409-7231
Naval Science Mona Ramonetti
(718) 409-7237
Online Programs Mona Ramonetti
(718) 409-7237
Science Mona Ramonetti
(718) 409-7237

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