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Academic Integrity

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Maritime College Oath

"I will conduct my personal and professional behavior, on and off campus, in a manner which will bring credit to the Maritime College, myself, and the profession for which I am preparing. 
I will observe those standards of honesty, integrity, moral courage and personal honor which are expected of all professionals associated with the Merchant Marine."

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Looking for help citing your sources?

Information is available on our Citation Guide

Why Cite?

You should cite your sources for the following reasons: 

  • To give credit to the creator of the original source.
  • To give credibility to your own research and writing abilities.
  • To assist your readers in retracing the steps you took while conducting research.
  • To practice academic honesty and integrity. 

How to Detect Plagiarism

Watch for signs of plagiarism:

  • The student uses vocabulary or specialized terminology that is above the student's knowledge or education level.
  • The level of the writing style and/or language is more advanced than how the student typically writes.
  • The quality and style of writing differs throughout a single assignment.
  • The paper contains references to materials that are not located in the Work Cited page. 
  • The paper contains areas of inconsistent fonts.
  • The paper's Work Cited page in incomplete.
  • Throughout the assignment, the citation style changes for some references. (I.e. The paper should be written in the MLA style, but some references within the paper are cited in APA format.)

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