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Getting Started With Research

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Understanding Your Assignment

So What Is Your Assignment?

Identifying the resource needs for an assignment is key to helping you choose the right research tools. Before beginning your assignment make sure you can answer the following questions:

If you have any questions about your assignment, make sure to ask your professor as soon as possible!

  • What type of assignment is it? (Research paper, opinion piece, review, presentation, etc.)
  • What is the expected length of the assignment?
  • How many sources are needed for your work cited page?
  • What sources of information are needed to fulfill the assignment? (Statistics, primary sources, websites, books, articles, etc.)
  • How old should your resources be? Is there a set time frame? (i.e. from 2007-2014) Should you use current or historical sources?

General Research Skills

Research can see like a daunting task! FEAR NOT!

By following simple steps you can become a research expert.  

  1. Finding and Narrowing Your Topic 
  2. Finding Articles 
  3. Finding Books 
  4. Evaluating Credibility of Different Sources 
  5. Accessing Your Sources 
  6. Citing Your Sources 

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