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Constitution Day: SUNY Maritime Observance, Thursday, September 17, 2020

Annual SUNY Maritime College Event

Constitution Day Theme


Voting rights have been a source of contention and dispute throughout American history. Eligibility to vote is provided by the US Constitution (including various amendments, such as the 15th, 19th, 23rd, 24th and 26th Amendments) as well as State Law, and significant legislation such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The 15th Amendment (ratified 1870) enfranchised African-American men; women were given the right to vote by the 19th Amendment (ratified 1920); and the 26th Amendment (ratified 1971) allowed individuals 18 years of age or older to vote. The 23rd Amendment (ratified 1961) gave the residents of the District of Columbia the right to vote and the 24th Amendment (ratified 1964) prohibited limiting voting rights through a poll tax or other tax.

Regretfully, America has not always been inclusive with respect to voting rights and many groups of Americans have been disenfranchised until action was taken to include such groups in the right to vote. Throughout American history, different groups became eligible for voting rights. Even with all of this progress, voting inclusion still remains a compelling issue for all Americans. How do we assure that everyone who wants to vote will have the right to vote? Voter ID laws, residency requirements and concerns about mail ballots present challenges to Americans exercising their right to vote.

Campus Activities

[Wednesday, September 16th & Thursday, September 17th]
                   Zoom details to follow. No pre-registration required.

Wednesday, September16

Thursday, September 17

  • Virtual guest speaker event with Kim Wehle , 3pm
  • Constitution Day Virtual Trivia Contest, 3:30pm
  • Deliberative Dialogue, 4pm
  • Twitter contest - Post your tweet all day.


  • Guest Speaker: Prof. Kim Wehle
    Kim Wehle is an author, lawyer, law professor, and legal expert for CBS News, appearing on Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan. She has also been a guest on MSNBC, CNN, BBC, NPR, FoxNews, C-SPAN and PBS. Wehle is a contributor to Politico, The Atlantic, The Bulwark, and The Hill, and has written for the Baltimore Sun and Los Angeles Times. She is a former Assistant United States Attorney, Associate Independent Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation, and author of the book, How to Read The Constitution—and Why. Her new book is What You Need to Know about Voting—and Why, available now from Harper Paperbacks. You can follow her on Twitter at @kimwehle.
  • Constitution Day Trivia Contest  [in collaboration with League of Women Voters of the City of New York]
    Join faculty, students and staff to see who really knows their history of voting rights and voting inclusion.
  • Student Poster Competition
    Design the most memorable poster on the theme of history of voting rights and voting inclusion judged by committee members for content and graphics.
  • Twitter contest: #ItsMyTurn, #MaritimeConstitutionDay,
    Prize to be awarded for best tweet on the topic of the history of voting rights and voting inclusion.
  • Contest winners will be awarded PRIZES!
  • Deliberative Dialogue
    Register and interact with fellow students across the SUNY system about an array of topics on voting and the Constitution.


For further information contact Dr. Mark Meirowitz at

Important 2020 Election Dates:

  • Oct 9: Last day to register for 2020 General Election by mail and in person
  • Oct 24-Nov 1: Early voting for 2020 General Election
  • Nov 3: 2020 General Election

Resources for voting in the United States - 2020 

  1. NYC Board of Elections - Register to vote.
    for New York State residents can go to the Board of Elections site to register by mail or ONLINE.
  2. League of Women Voters of New York City
    The League of Women Voters of the City of New York is a non-partisan organization whose purpose is to promote informed and active citizen participation in government. We are committed to empowering citizens with the meaningful information needed to make sound decisions for our democracy.
    Government website for everything related to voter registration, voter education and terminology.
  4. is the largest 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan voting registration and get out the vote (GOTV) technology platform in America. It has registered more than 3.3 million new voters, verified 8.2 million voters’ registration status, and has helped over 30 million website users by providing registration links and deadlines, polling location details, and other essential voting information for each state. also leverages its SMS-based GOTV program each year, targeting low-propensity voters in regularly scheduled and special elections.

What is Constitution Day?

U.S. Constitution

On September, 17, 1787, the delegates of the Constitutional Convention signed the U.S. Constitution.

In 1956, Congress established Constitution Week, which begins on September 17th of each year. In 2004, September 17th was designated as Constitution Day—a day to learn about the U.S. Constitution and develop a better understanding of the documents behind the creation of the U.S. government.

Here are more resources about Constitution Day:

Constitution Day Flyer

Film Showing & Poster Contest Flyers

Deliberative Dialogue

League of Women Voters of NYC - Toolkit and Voters Guide for New Voters

The League of Woman Voters of New York City website includes a useful voter's TOOLKIT.
One of their most useful guides is the First Vote Guide for New Voters in New York State.

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