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Archives and Special Collections: Donate

Donate to the College Archives and Special Collections

The Stephen B. Luce Library College Archives acquires materials that document and preserve the history of the college, in accordance with our Collection Development Policy. This includes:

  • Papers, photographs, and records of alumni that pertain to their time at the college or subsequent careers.
  • Papers of individuals that illustrate the experience and conditions of a life at sea, such as correspondences, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, and ephemera.
  • Papers of individuals with notable careers within the maritime industry
  • Transfers of records with an enduring value from the college's administrative offices

Stephen B. Luce Library and the College Archives do not accept donations of ship models.

Are you ready to donate? Please contact us at or (718) 409-7231 to discuss the process.

For general information on the process of donating personal papers to a repository, click here

Transferring College Records

The College Archives continues to collect institutional records including committee meeting minutes, departmental paperwork, faculty papers, and more

Why Should I Transfer My Department's Records to the Archives?

There are many reasons to transfer your department records to the archives! One reason may be the records are taking up too much space in your office. By law, some records are meant to be permanently kept or immediately disposed of. Other records are used in Middle States accreditation. 

What is a Retention and Disposition Schedule?

All SUNY campuses follow the SUNY Retention and Disposition Schedules. These schedules outline a minimum amount of time records and documents must be retained at a college. Some records can be disposed of immediately like a syllabus or statistical reports on admission activities. Other records are required to be kept permanently like self-study records and student transcripts. 

How Do I Use a Retention and Disposition Schedule?

Great question! On the SUNY Retention and Disposition Schedules, simply select your department. A link will take you to the Retention and Disposition Schedules. These Schedules include the type of record, minimum retention period, and reason for the proposed time. 

Will I Have Access to My Documents After I Transfer Them to the Archives?

Absolutely! You can request to view or borrow any of your department's records from the Archivist. 

Can I Restrict Public Access to My Department Records?

If you are concerned about public access to your department's records, please contact the Archivist. 

Adding Promotional Materials to the College Archives

Thank you for creating wonderful content for Maritime College! Before you move on to the next project, please add the video(s) or images to the College Archives Digital Collections

Supported File Formats for Images: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, Camera RAW, Photoshop PSD, and more.

Supported File Formats for Video: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WindowsMedia, FLV, Ogg Theora, and AVI.

To submit a promotional video or image, fill out the form below and share the file with the Archivist at 


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