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Library Policies

Library Lecture Series

The Library Lecture Series presents a wide variety of topics and genres through discussions and presentations that further the Library’s mission to stimulate creativity and intellectual curiosity among the SUNY Maritime community. Library staff receive a large volume of requests throughout the year. Unfortunately, the Library cannot honor all requests for events to be part of the lecture series.

  • The Library will host a maximum of five lecture series events per semester. The Library will determine which events will be included as part of the lecture series. 
  • The Library will not pay any speaker fees, honorariums, or travel costs for speakers. Submissions including such costs will not be accepted unless the submitter supplies proof that such fees will be covered at the time the proposal is submitted.
  • Faculty, staff, and students of SUNY Maritime College may recommend speakers and/or topics for the lecture series. 
    • ​​Recommendations will be evaluated for the following:
      • Appropriateness of topic
      • Currency of topic
      • Calendar availability
    • Recommendations must be made a minimum of one semester in advance and must be submitted electronically to
    • A recommendation does not guarantee acceptance as part of the lecture series. 
    • The Library will notify individuals by email whether their suggestion was accepted.
    • Proposals accepted for the lecture series may be rescheduled or canceled at the Library’s discretion.
  • Library staff will handle all logistics and marketing for any lecture series events.

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