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Database Tutorials : Clarksons

Clarksons Research

Navigating Shipping Intelligence Network

Shipping Intelligence Network provides a range of data on the shipping industry including vessels, fleets, owners, builders, and weekly reports covering industry trends and analysis. Clarksons works best by browsing, rather than searching.

See the screenshots below for a guide to navigating Clarkson for popular areas.

Screenshot of Shipping Intelligence Network home page. Hilighted menu sections include Sectors, Vessels, Global Shipping, Reports, Fleet, Owners, Builders, and Capital Markets.


Finding Reports in Clarksons

Title slide: Finding Reports in Clarksons
Text reads Click on Reports​. An arrow highlights the Reports from the menu bar.
Click on desired title. Shipping Intelligence Weekly and Shipping Review & Outlook are good general overviews of the shipping industry. An arrow points to Shipping Intelligence Weekly.
Hit Accept to open report​. An image of a permission box appears on screen with an arrow pointing to Accept button.
Report will appear as PDF. A screenshot of the Shipping Intelligence Weekly report is on screen.

Finding World Fleet Data from Clarksons

Title slide: Finding World Fleet Data From Clarksons​
World Fleet Data is available in two places on Clarksons:​ ​ 1)The World Fleet Monitor under the Reports section ​ 2) Granular data from the Fleet section
Click on Reports. An arrow points to Reports on the menu bar.
Click on World Fleet Monitor.​ An arrow points to World Fleet Mmonitor from the list of reports.
Hit Accept to open report​. A permission dialog box appears on screen. An arrow points to Accept.
Key Indicators are at the top of the report. Scroll down to see additional granular data. A screenshot of the World Fleet monitor report is on screen.
Click on Fleet. An arrow points to Fleet from the menu bar.
Click on top row to navigate. Click on category to get more information.

Finding Vessel Data From Clarksons

Title slide: Finding Vessel Data From Clarksons​
Click on Vessels​. An arrow points to Vessels on the menu bar.
Type Vessel Name to search. Click on specific vessel to open data. One arrow point to the search box under Vessels.A second arrow points to specific vessel.
Toggle filters to add or remove information. An arrow points to the filer options where Standard Details, Company Details, and Vessel Type Description are highlighted.

Finding Port Information From Clarksons

Title slide: Finding Port Information From Clarksons​
Click on Ports tab under Quicksearch. Enter port name and click on Go.
Click on Port name. ​
Port Summary and a map are at the top.​ A screenshot showing the port summary and map of Piraeus, Greece.
Scroll down to see additional data on Port Calls by Year, Vessel Sector Rankings, Infrastructure, and Green Vessel statistics. Below, a screenshot of the Port of Piaraeus Greece data is shown.

Exporting Raw Data From Clarksons

Public Policy: Perspectives and Choices
Click on Timeseries & Graphs​
Use filters to get desired dataset ​
Click on Excel to export ​

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