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Database Tutorials : Citation Maker

Citation Makers

The library catalog has a built-in citation maker. As with all online citation makers, it may contain errors. It is the responsibility of the researcher to proof-read the citation, and consult their style guide's rules about citations.

Need help with a style guide? Consult the library's style guides below for more assistance:

Citation Maker Tutorial

Title slide: Library Catalog​ Citation Maker​
Note: all online citation makers are prone to error. It is the researcher's responsibility to proof-read the citation and check it against their style guide's guidelines.
Screenshot of library catalog. Arrows point to search box and search result. Text: Search for a book or article in the library catalog. Click on the title of desired result.
Screenshot of a book result. Arrows point to Send to menu and to Citaiton icon. Scroll down to Send to options. Click on Citation from list of icons.
Screenshot of citation maker. Arrow points to MLA (9th edition) on the left-hand side. A citation for the book is shown. Text: Select the preferred citation style on the left. Remember to check citation against style guide for any errors.

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